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The SLACK Story

The idea of SLACK was born in 1999. At the time, I was based in Hong Kong already after working in marketing for a number of years and finishing my sports marketing post at Reebok International AP.

Through mates in the US, I took up a part time consultancy position to help their costume hats company, where I had to travel to their China factory quite often, and found myself surrounded by an array of amazingly colourful fabrics. It was fantastic fun and exciting, what a visual overload!

On one of my many trips to the factory, I had a "miss home" moment, thinking back to all the good times growing up in Australia, when memory of old vinyl comfy bean bags I used to have suddenly crept up, and I was literally sitting on top of a pile of psychedelic fabrics. The seed of SLACK was sewn.

One of our first designs was created on a hot and humid Hong Kong evening not long after, sitting with mates on the most famous Lan Kwai Fong nightlife stripe in Central, Hong Kong. As a result of one too many brews while literally slacking off after a long hard week at the office, I discussed my new SLACK universe with them, armed with pen and napkins.

Next morning, all sorts of weird and wonderful sketches were found on scraps of napkins in my back pocket. Lucky I guess I found them before the washing machine did.

This is the continuous journey of SLACK®. Welcome to our growing global SLACK Lifestyle family.



Chief SLACKer.


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